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About 12 Zoll Recordings This is all about the passion of music. 12 Zoll Recordings was founded 2004 in Frankfurt/Germany to provide an international platform for innovative electronic Music. Our repertoire encompasses a range of music productions within different musical styles. This platform benefits from the fusion of the elements of music, lifestyle and creativity to provide you with authentic and inspiring productions as well as audiovisual performances. By using both the digital and traditional way of distributing and sharing this music we ensure to release music in “realtime” to an audience aware of the actual style. We believe in the spirit and in the future of electronic music on a fast moving planet. Especially electronic music has always been an important motor and influencer of our culture for the last 50 years. We cooperate closely with hip and contemporary artists, producers and DJs to discover and feature interesting talent. Music styles from Techno to Progressive to be presented and realeased by

12 Zoll Recordings.
12Zoll Recordings